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This section of the XML Toolkit contains links to different publications on the topic of Web site management using XML. Click a title below to link to the publication.

XML: A New Web Site Architecture

This white paper is based on CTG's presentation series entitled XML: From Static to Dynamic Web, which laid out the challenges of cutting-edge Web site management - involving content, layout, and style - and the effective solutions offered by XML (eXtensible Markup Language). This paper discuss challenges, examples of code, Web redesign analyses, and practical advice for using XML for Web site management.

Managing Content from Creation to Delivery with XML: Case Studies

This paper, written by Kay Ethier, was presented at the XML Conference and Exposition 2002 in Baltimore, MD. It describes migration to single-source XML authoring, including the challenges faced in the course of migration, how these challenges can be overcome, and the resulting benefits.

Introduction to Structured Content Management with XML

This article, written by Kay Ethier and Scott Abel, appears on the CMS Watch website. It is meant to serve as an introductory primer on how to define and use information structure when managing content

The Role of XML in Content Management

The Gilbane Report, Volume 10, Number 8, October 2002, written by Lauren Wood. Discusses some of the roles that XML can play in a content management system (CMS) and whether there is much industry support or customer demand for such support.

The Role of XML in Content Management

Written by Dan Ryan, this article considers why organizations should consider the integration of basic XML functionalities when implementing a Content Management System.

Content in the Age of XML

Written by Bruce Silver, this article examines whether XML's advantages, including content reuse, automation and compliance, will lead it to become a pervasive form of source content.