This section of the the XML Toolkit lists various software tools that will assist in XML development.


XML development environment for modeling, editing, debugging, and transforming all XML technologies.


XML Editor and XSLT Debugger.

Stylus Studio

XML Integrated Development Environment containing tools and components to increase XML development productivity by simplifying the development and deployment of XML data integration applications.


An RTF to HTML and XML converter. R2Net provides Docbook and HTML outputs, with full control over the output markup and conversion logic so that outputs can be tailored to specific needs.


Quickly converts any size of PDF document into other formats enabling reuse of the content in other ways. Gemini can export the text within a PDF in a variety of formats including HTML, RTF, eBook and Palm Doc format. As well as text formats, Gemini can export photos and graphics such as JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PNG and BMP.

Apache FOP

FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is a Java application that reads a formatting object (FO) tree and renders the resulting pages to a specified output. Output formats currently supported include PDF, PCL, PS, SVG, XML (area tree representation), Print, AWT, MIF and TXT. The primary output target is PDF. A FOP is needed on the Web server to produce PDF output from XML.